Friday, September 16, 2011

HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover

HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover
This review is from: HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Just to let you guys know... this item is a generic product. So the fact is, different sellers have different sources with different qualities.

The cell phone battery market classifies lithium ion cells as A, A- and etcetera with most being B cells. QuickShippers claims A- quality, and that's what this review is based off of.

I really can't speak for the rest. But it could explain the inconsistent reviews on this product if the others are worse.

another reason why some people have given it one star is because they aren't using the battery correctly. when the phone shows a green light, it doesn't mean the battery is 100% charged--the HTC Evo detects 1500mah as fully charged, and the battery is 3500mah. this means whenever it shows green, it really means you're at 1500mah+ charge. you have to charge it longer obviously, that's how you get it to last through a 16 hour day like I did. charging it when you sleep is usually the best idea so you don't have to wait.

Also, you NEED to use this battery at least 5 full charge cycles before it gives you the added kick. With this battery, conditioning is very important.

the battery life on this thing is crazy. i had 4G + GPS + Bluetooth and multiple apps running at the same time all day and it's still in the green zone. it doesn't look that much bigger, and I have big hands so the extra bulk is actually a benefit to me. it's like $20+ cheaper than that Seido battery.

in short? buy it, you won't regret! i'd give this 7 stars if i could. pay no attention to the one star reviewers who didnt use it right! to buy HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover click here.