Monday, May 9, 2011

Samsung T139 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Samsung T139 Unlocked Phone with Camera, Bluetooth and Speakerphone - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - GraySamsung T139 Unlocked GSM Cell PhoneSamsung T139 Unlocked Phone with Camera, Bluetooth and Speakerphone - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Gray by Samsung.

samsung t139 unlocked gsm cell phone: Ordered the Samsung T139 because of the low price, it was unlocked, I prefer a clamshell, it had Bluetooth and a speakerphone. However, I live in a fringe area and the signal reception was unreliable. The phone showed 0 or 1 bar most of the time. Other than that, it had everything I needed.

Went and purchased another new model Samsung (also G2) from T-Mobile and the signal strength was the same. I returned that new model.

Tried out an LG GD570 and the signal was at least twice as strong and G3. I'm going with the LG and will keep the T139 as a backup as it didn't cost much. However, the LG has a tremendous amount of features that will keep you busy setting things up for days! It also works great with Microsoft Sync except no texting.
I was looking for a flip-phone that had good call and sound quality and would be easy to text with. This phone is perfect for both, without any extra features or apps (which I didn't want to spend money on to begin with).

I have owned and used this phone for about a week now, with T-mobile.
It's speaker volume and clarity as well as when you hold it up to ear are both excellent. This is a great simple phone if you are looking for basic functions only. It's nicely sized, not too bulky to fit in a small pocket, and is very light. Connected to my bluetooth ear-piece easily, and worked well. The only thing is the phone is made of plastic which makes me want to get a rubberized cover for it in case it falls or gets scratched. Over all I am very pleased with this phone!

Everyone in our family has these and we use them with T mobile prepaid. They are good phones for the price, loud sound, can use bluetooth and big buttons for dialing.

However, you will NOT be able to get the photos off of it with a cable or Bluetooth. You have to send them to your email, which costs minutes on prepaid. The ability to do so is disabled on the Tmobile prepaid version of this phone. The guys at the store do not know this, and sold me a cable. After speaking to Tmobile when struggling to download photos I was told this was true.
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