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Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone Review

Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera - International Version with No Warranty (Titan Gray)Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone ReviewSamsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera - International Version with No Warranty (Titan Gray) by Samsung.

The Samsung B3310 is a must-have mobile phone to keep you in constant contact with friends in both your real and virtual worlds. Featuring a QWERTY keypad for smooth, quick texting and unique Pop-Up SNS technology, the Samsung B3310 will be your social savior. The Samsung B3310's slide out QWERTY keyboard gives a PC-like experience for speedy, flawless texting – ideal for social butterflies prone to organizing their lifestyles via SMS, email or IM. With its teeny-tiny form and slim, curved design, the Samsung B3310 also provides a comfortable finger grip, fit for convenient, on-the-go use. The Samsung B3310's community page feature gives you 24/7 access to online networks without the hassle of numerous log-ins. Samsung's exclusive Pop-Up SNS technology gives you immediate access to what your friends are saying via pop-up notifications which work like SMS messages to bring you the latest gossip.

This review is from: Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera - International Version with No Warranty (Titan Gray) (Wireless Phone Accessory) by Chase "Sean Cruz" (Kissimmee, FL USA).
I love this phone. It's the best phone I've ever had. The keyboard is just the right size and everything works great. I'll try and rate things individually.

Messaging(9/10)- Messaging is extremely simple on this phone. There is no difficulty figuring out what is what. You will have to play around with it a bit to get accustomed to it however. You can also keep a record of your conversations from person to person, so there is no need to go back and forth to each message to see what you wrote.

Music(9/10): The music player is wonderful. It will display the CD cover or whatever picture you have set for each song. There is a shuffle feature, however, I took a point off because the shuffle is so random, sometimes you may come across the same songs, and never seem to get around to the others. The sound is very clear and concise. No static. The headphones they give you with it will slip out of your ears a lot. So I recommend purchasing an adapter that goes to 3.5mm headphones that way you can put in your own.
Some of the features include:
-You own customizable playlists
-sorting by artists, genre, recently played, most played, last played
-background playing
-sound effects(Wide, Dynamic, surround, pop, rock, etc.)
-Music auto off

NOTE: Music can be set as a ringtone

Radio(9/10) -The radio is excellent! As far as reception, its the same as any portable device, so I can't comment on that but as far as shortcuts, station setting, etc, its amazing.

Memory(9/10)- The largest memory card you can purchase for the phone is 8GB, which is good enough for me. I can put lots of music and videos without worrying about space. Internal memory is 34MB, which isn't so bad

Camera/Video(8/10)- The camera is a 2MP camera and it's not bad. It's pretty much what you would expect from a 2MP camera phone. The features, such as zoom/effects/night mode/timer/viewfinder, etc are all very good. More than most phones I would say. I have taken like one 3 second video so I'm not sure of how it is. If you download videos or whatever, it would be good I assume

Organizer(10/10)-The organizer is great. Here is a list of the organizer features:
-Calender(lists wk number on the side as a bonus)[Also lists events you have missed]
-MEMO-A very simple tool that you can simply use to write something down for later use. I use it to write down songs I want to download. Very useful
-TASK- This is similar to memo except that this is better used for events and remembrances that you can set an alarm to
-WORLD CLOCK-Useful for seeing time around the world(I never use it)
-CALCULATOR-A very basic and simple calculator(not scientific) that useful for just taking a quick mathematical process
-CONVERTER-This is a wonderful took for doing conversions and it is very easy to use. You can convert Length, Weight, Volume, Area, and Temperature

Internet(?)- This is the biggest flaw, not because I think the internet sucks or anything. Frankly, I haven't even used the internet for the phone. I have T-mobile and previously, I paid $10 a month for internet. I assumed it would be the same. but when I got the phone, it said i couldn't use the internet. I looked through the plans and the cheapest one was $30 a month! YIKES! Maybe not for you, but for me, that is VERY expensive for a mobile internet. But that may be because it's unlocked. It may be different for you. I have no idea. So I'm disappointed about that. I was hoping for wi-fi to make up for it. But this phone has no wi-fi. But I already knew that when I bought it so it didn't bother me too much.
Overall: An excellent phone that I would highly recommend. It has a unique look. I love the numbers on the side. It's not bothering in the slightest. However, if you know you have very large fingers, the keyboard may not be the best for you.

Ok I tried to cover as much information as I could think of at the moment.If there is any other sections or info you want, let me know. It comes with Sudoku game as well. Which is a great way to relax. LOVE that. And comes with a dictionary

NOTE: I did not buy from here. I bought on EBAY because it was a few dollars cheaper. But I made the ratings based on the phone itself.
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