Friday, July 30, 2010


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android (Sensuous Black) Sim Free / Unlocked
Sony Ericsson xperia x10 Specifications:

Size Sony Ericsson xperia x10
119.0 x 63.0 x 13.0 mm
4.7 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

Weight Sony Ericsson xperia x10
135.0 g
4.8 oz

Screen Sony Ericsson xperia x10
480 x 854 pixels WVGA
65,536-color TFT touchscreen

Available colours Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Sensuous Black
Luster White

Memory Sony Ericsson xperia x10  
microSD™ up to 16GB, 8GB included
Phone memory 1GB

Battery performance Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configuration, and phone usage.
Networks                                            |      Talk time   (up to)   |  Standby time (up to)   |  Video call(up to)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 |      10 hours  |   415 hours    |  x
UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100     | 8 hours   |  425 hours  |   x
UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100  |     8 hours   | 425 hours|     x

Networks Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Note that UMTS/HSPA network compatiblity varies per location.

Camera Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Camera - 8.1 Megapixel
Capture and share special moments.

Digital Zoom - up to 16x
Get close to your subject.

Auto focus
Automatic focus for optimal clarity.

Face recognition
Your phone automatically recognises up to five faces in your picture.

Image stabiliser
Avoid blurriness caused by slight hand movements.

Flash / light type - Photo light
When lighting conditions are poor, your picture can still be good.

Send to web
Catch moments with your camera and send straight to your personal web site or blog.

Video recording
Record video clip

Video light
More light when shooting video.

Have your photo tagged with information on where it was taken.

Smile detection
Let the camera automatically snap the shot when your subject flashes a smile.

Music Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Record a few seconds of a song and get track, artist and album information sent to your phone in seconds.

Media Player
An in-phone media player for music and video

Album art
Choose music by browsing CD album art or other images

Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
Music from phone to headset over a wireless connection.

Download music and games to your phone.

Music tones - MP3, AAC
Use original artist recordings as ringtones.

Web Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Pan & zoom
View web pages as you like - get a quick overview or zoom in on details.

Quick access to your favourite Web sites.

Google™ search
Find what you’re after with the Google™ search function.

Web feeds
Get the news in your phone as it happens.

Web browser - WebKit
Full Internet browser with support for standard protocols, images and video.

Entertainment Sony Ericsson xperia x10
Media content in one place for fast and easy access.

3D games
Enjoy quality games with full color and depth.

View your favourite YouTube™ videos, or upload your own - access is easy via the YouTube™ application.

Video streaming
Realtime video streaming, e.g. live cam

Video Clip
Video clip viewing and transfer to another phone or PC

Sony Ericsson Mediascape
Get instant access to - and a perfect overview of - all your content.

Connectivity Sony Ericsson xperia x10

Micro USB connector
Connect to your PC and other devices.

3.5 mm audio jack
Share your music via the extra jack. Use any headphones with a standard-sized 3.5 mm connector.

Wisepilot™ turn-by-turn navigation*
Get live instructions for how to find your way to your destination - and have fun en route.

Use GPS-powered location-based services.

Google Maps™
Find your way to your destination.

Bluetooth™ technology
Connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth™ devices.

USB support
PC to phone USB cable support

Utilise high-speed Internet at Wi-Fi™ hotspots at airports and other facilities.

Messaging Sony Ericsson xperia x10

Say it via chat-style text messaging.

Check your email inbox wherever you are.

Text messaging (SMS)
Send text greetings anywhere in the world.

Picture messaging (MMS)
Colourful multimedia messaging.

Predictive text input
Fast and easy text messaging.

Communication Sony Ericsson xperia x10

Twitter™ - Timescape™ integration
Let the world know how you feel and what you think - say it with a tweet.

Facebook™ application
Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook™ through your phone.

Loudspeaker suitable for using the phone as an office handsfree

Vibrating Alert
The phone vibrates and you can feel when a call comes in

Sony Ericsson Timescape™
All your communication with one person in one place.

Design Sony Ericsson xperia x10

Keyboard - Onscreen QWERTY
Text input made easy.

Auto rotate
Switch from vertical to horizontal mode by rotating the phone. Whatever you're viewing will rotate to suit.

Picture wallpaper
Background picture on-screen when the phone is in standby mode

Intuitive navigation – just touch the screen.

Organiser Sony Ericsson xperia x10

Alarm clock
Set a time, and your phone will ring at that time

Fully functional calendar with day, week and month views and reminders

Built-in fully functional calculator

Flight mode
Disable the radio receivers and transmitters in your phone so you can safely use other functions.

Phone book
Store names and phone numbers

Infinite button
Just one press to all about your friends or all the artist info you need.