Sunday, October 9, 2011


How to configure the Motorola cable modem (DOCSIS) Most cable television companies providing Internet access and telephone services (Voice over cable abbr. VoC). Once the cable tv technician upgrade your connection to be able to process the uplink communications technician will install the cable modem such as modem "Motorola SBV5121E" which is widely used today. Modem standard is called "Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification" (DOCSIS).
The following is how to use the modem configuration Motorola SBV Cable modems motorola docsis process all necessary measures to allow access to telephony and IP services. It provides a DHCP service that provides a system connected to the ethernet port of public IP addresses. With OpenWRT 10.03 Backfire no need to configure the WAN port by default because using DHCP. check your network "/ etc / config / network" file should look something like this at the WAN:

# # # # WAN configuration
config interface wan
option ifname "eth0.1"
option proto dhcp

Motorola's cable modem access Open the browser (ex: Mozilla Firefox, chrome, IE, Opera)
Type the following in the browser the IP address
Enter your username and password. Type "admin" as username and "motorola" as the password and the modem will display all the details.

If your WAN browser is unable to obtain IP address via DHCP from the cable modem first DOCSIS restart and try again. It is very common that the cable modem does not recognize the new device is attached with a different MAC address. Mistakes are often made with a modem Motorola SBV is that accidentially the "Standby" button on the modem itself has been suppressed by removing dirt or dust from the modem. If pressed to put the modem in stand by mode that makes it unusable. Press the standby button again to set it to active mode.
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