Saturday, April 23, 2011


HTC Standard Battery for HTC EVO 4GHTC Standard Battery for HTC EVO 4G reviewHTC Standard Battery for HTC EVO 4G review.
I've been looking for some of these red OEM standard batteries for my HTC EVO. Anybody with one of the babies will bemoan the utter uselessness that is the battery life. When I first bought my HTC EVO, I brought an extra black version of the battery they offered. The Sprint store in my local mall offered me another black battery. When that wasn't enough, I bought two red batteries like the ones shown here. So, I have five in total. LOL.
technical detail OEM HTC battery ensures your phone works at optimum performance and reliability.
Compatible with: HTC EVO 4G / HTC A9292 / Supersonic HTC Hero (Sprint) HTC Imagio XV6975 HTC
This is where I need to clarify one thing about these batteries. While some reviewers are noticing the silver band around these batteries, I can verify that the batteries from MobileCityOnline store on are the same like the original battery in my HTC EVO. Yes, you will have to shell out more cash for MobileCityOnline's batteries. In addition, there is no noticeable difference between the batteries purchased from Sprint and the batteries purchased from MobileCityOnline. So be careful and buy at your own risk (if anything make sure to get an idea or better, in writing about the refund policy from the store of your choice).

And a big thanks to the reviewer Khang D. Mai for pointing this issue out. Unfortunately, without his vigilance I would have fallen into this trap. Read MoreHTC Standard Battery for HTC EVO 4G.