Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scosche Dual USB Car Charger

Scosche Dual USB Car ChargerScosche Dual USB Car ChargerThis review is from: Scosche Dual USB Car Charger (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This is a cheap way of charging any device that will charge via a regular USB port. I have used it in my car for several months without a problem. It did a fine job with my AT&T Tilt phone and my iPod.

Before you invest in this or any other standalone USB charger, you should make sure that your device will charge via USB cable alone. Many phones (Motorola Razr is one) these days have what looks like a standard USB connection but require special software or adapters before they will charge.
I got this for about $5 or $10 at Wal-Mart. Great investment.

Scosche Dual USB Car Charger is Dual USB sockets allow you to charge 2 devices at once, Charges most devices that use a USB charging cable, including iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, smartphones, MP3 players, and more Each port provides 500 mA of power for a quick and efficient charge Sleek, compact design allows charger to fit in virtually any 12v DC car charging socket, Blue LED light confirms when the USB charger is properly set up. More Scosche Dual USB Car Charger review CLICK HEREScosche Dual USB Car Charger.