Monday, March 28, 2011

Powering Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks have the potential to revolutionise control and monitoring systems. They offer an exciting alternative to expensive, or awkward to achieve, wired applications and provide opportunities where none previously existed.
Powering these wireless sensor networks with a minimum of maintenance is a major challenge and an area of intense interest and innovation. 
As with any emerging technology the lessons learnt from early adopters are of vital importance.  Do not miss this opportunity to hear case study based answers to the questions you will face:

What are the long term power solutions for ubiquitous sensors?
How are the energy harvesting and battery developers meeting the looming maintenance challenge?
How do you manage and store the power for optimum performance of your sensors?
How do systems make best use of limited power?

Referencing real life examples Powering Wireless Sensor Networks focuses on the lessons you can learn from existing projects and analyses the pros and cons of different power sources and storage solutions.  We address the challenges of managing the power for optimum performance and reliability on both supply and consumption sides – crucial to meeting your WSN needs.

In addition we look at some of the challenges the energy harvesting industry needs to address to promote broad adoption of the latest technologies – accelerating the move towards higher volume and lower cost solutions.