Sunday, March 13, 2011


Technical Details LG Rumor Touch Phone, Blue (Sprint)
Phone features 3-inch touch screen and QWERTY keyboard
Easy texting and email access keeps you instantly connected
Built-in GPS and 2.0-megapixel camera
Bluetooth-enabled for hands-free conversations
Fast connection speed with the Sprint 3G Mobile Network

Product Description LG Rumor Touch Phone, Blue (Sprint)
Stay in touch with family and friends with this mobile phone that features a full QWERTY keyboard for sending text messages quickly. The 2.0MP camera and camcorder makes it easy to capture still shots and video clips while you're on the go. Requires an Everything Plan with data.

This review is from: LG Rumor Touch Phone, Blue (Sprint) (Wireless Phone)
The LG Rumor Touch is one of the best cell phones I've ever had. Its touch screen is responsive and its battery life is good (it's lasted me almost a week without requiring a charge, and I text a lot). It charges relatively quickly and it threads your text messages into conversations (which is probably my favorite thing about it. I hate having to switch between my Outbox and Inbox to follow a conversation). The camera's quality is also good.

But there are things you should know about this phone before you purchase it.

First of all, this phone does NOT support instant messaging, despite what MANY websites claim. Not even AIM or Yahoo. It simply isn't an option. I purchased this phone under the impression it did, and was sorely disappointed with this, so beware if that's a big selling point for you.

Security is also a bit of an issue with this phone. Pushing the 'Lock/Power' key on the side of the phone causes the screen to lock. This can be unlocked by ANYONE by sliding the bar to the right side of the screen. Worse, even this step can be bypassed by simply sliding out the full QWERTY keyboard. The only way to truly lock the phone is to go into your settings menu, enter your passcode, and lock the phone. You must repeat this process every time you are finished using the phone; otherwise it will default back to the "slide bar" method of locking, which (as stated above) doesn't really keep anyone from using your phone.

Some people also take issue with this phone's method of hanging up, as it uses an 'End Call' button on the touchscreen rather than a physical button at the bottom of the phone. Some don't like the method of scrolling through pictures and menus, a sort of 'click and drag' method using the touchscreen. Others complain about the lack of customization on the primary screen of the phone- there is the home button and nothing else. No shortcuts or icons of any kind. None of these was a problem for me, but these are things some people might want to know before they purchase the phone.

All in all, this is an excellent messaging phone (and I don't think I could turn back from touchscreens after this one, either). Some websites falsely advertise it's capabilities, but other than that I would recommend this phone to anyone. detail review CLICK HERE.